Travel: solutions for constipation to keep in your bag

If there’s one ailment that can really put a downer on an idyllic holiday, it’s constipation. Between changing habits and diet, travelling is a recipe for intestinal transit disorders. Thankfully, there are practical solutions for constipation that make it possible for you to fully enjoy business trips or those well-deserved relaxing moments.


Does constipation often occur on holiday?

The answer is yes! Unfortunately, many of us suffer from bowel disorders when travelling. Why? Simply because our digestive system is particularly sensitive to... change! Long hours sitting in a car or plane, changes in temperature, new environments and different culinary specialities are all external factors that significantly affect peristalsis. Some psychological factors may also aggravate constipation during travel, however. This is true for stress, burnout and anxiety, among others. Some travels may be a source of worry, particularly when it comes to business trips. Moreover, suffering from constipation while travelling by plane can be especially uncomfortable.


What if constipation on holiday is caused by the food you eat?

Being constipated on annual leave is far from unavoidable. Several lifestyle and dietary changes can easily be made to improve bowel movements. The first step you can take, of course, is to watch what you eat. Your diet has a direct impact on how often you pass stool. It is therefore recommended to eat a diet rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre. True, it's not always easy to pay close attention to what you're eating when you're discovering new specialities. OptiFibre® can help you relieve constipation. Composed of partially hydrolysed guar gum, it quickly restores intestinal transit when it becomes occasionally disrupted. Available in 5 g sachets, OptiFibre® will easily fit in your luggage and guarantee carefree holidays or peace of mind during business trips.


What steps should be taken to avoid constipation on holiday?

Contrary to popular belief, diet is not the only factor that affects constipation. Dehydration is another, though many people are unaware of this. Water is one of the most effective weapons against constipation. Often people who suffer from intestinal laziness do not drink enough water. It should be remembered, however, that sugary drinks and alcohol do not have hydrating properties. They can even increase constipation during travel. At the same time, regular physical exercise is essential for limiting constipation while on holiday. Take advantage of good weather to go on walks, cycle or do other sports of your choice!

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