Ideas for natural recipes for constipation

Do you regularly suffer from constipation? Does your digestive system show recurring signs of intestinal “laziness”? In most cases, adopting a diet high in soluble and insoluble fibre helps regulate bowel movements. For those seeking solutions, here are a few natural recipe ideas for your menus to help overcome constipation!


Recipe for constipation: Wholegrain breakfast

The first meal of the day helps you start off on the right foot by giving you the energy you’ll need to make it until lunchtime. It is therefore vital to pay attention to its ingredients, making sure that it meets your nutritional needs on the one hand and rehydrates your body after a long night’s sleep on the other. Let’s start with what to drink at breakfast. To combine rehydration with a gentle laxative effect, the best solution is a herbal infusion. Many herbal teas (such as fennel, liquorice, anise and chicory) are highly effective when it comes to relieving constipation. Fresh fruit juice is also a good option. As for food, go for whole grains whenever you can. Oats, wheat, bran... Mix it up! You can add some dried fruit or oilseeds for an even tastier recipe.


Recipe for constipation: Breakfast with spring onions

Who says that homemade recipes for constipation can’t be tasty? On the contrary, you need to know how to indulge even when you’re suffering from bowel disorders. That is exactly what we suggest you do with this simple but particularly delicious recipe for tuna with prunes. To delight the taste buds of four people, start by gently frying a thinly sliced spring onion in a little olive oil. Place the tuna (cut into four equal portions) on top of the cooked onion and pour over 35 cl of red wine. Add some mixed herbs and two carrots (thinly sliced) and cover. After simmering for 15 minutes, add around thirty pitted prunes and leave to cook for another quarter of an hour, covered. Remove the pieces of fish and other ingredients so that only the juices remain. Turn the juices into a sauce by adding butter and flower (make a roux). Serve with the carbohydrate of your choice.


OptiFibre®, a food supplement to add to your recipes for constipation

It’s not always easy to make sure that your daily fibre intake (25 to 30 g per day for adults) is fully satisfied. However, you can always count on OptiFibre® to boost your fibre consumption. This Food for Special Medical Purposes will help you easily meet your daily needs. Available as a powdered solution or stick, it contains 100% plant-based partially hydrolysed guar gum. It is intended for adults and children over 3 years old who suffer from intestinal transit disorders. OptiFibre® is very easy to use as it can be mixed into all your recipes without affecting the taste or texture of the food.

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