Chronic constipation: symptoms, solutions and treatments

Unlike occasional constipation, chronic constipation is a long-term disorder. Constipation in this more complex form is usually referred to as chronic when the functional disorder lasts longer than six months. As it is a source of significant digestive discomfort, chronic constipation requires lifestyle and dietary changes for which OptiFibre® can be an effective ally.


How to identify chronic constipation?

The main signs for diagnosing chronic constipation are a reduced frequency of passing stool and a prolonged duration of symptoms (at least six months). People who are severely constipated usually pass stool less than once a week. However, stool consistency and difficulties passing it are also factors that doctors take into account to diagnose a chronic disorder. Difficulty passing stool is usually associated with a significant digestive discomfort that translates into bloating, flatulence, haemorrhoids and abdominal pain.


What are the treatments for chronic constipation?

In most cases, the first line of treatment for people suffering from chronic constipation is taking osmotic laxatives. However, these medications, which soften stool, tend to cause dependency when used in the long term. In such cases, other types of laxatives can be tried, such as bulk-forming laxatives, lubricant laxatives or stimulant laxatives. While they can be effective against occasional constipation, they can also cause medication-induced constipation.


What to do in the event of chronic constipation?

If there is no organic cause, chronic constipation can usually be attributed to a functional cause, which means that intestinal transit is slow. In most cases, lifestyle and above all eating habits are to blame. Changing your lifestyle and eating habits to focus on a high-fibre diet and regular physical activity helps restore a more balanced gut flora and ensure more effective peristaltic movements.


What natural remedies are there for chronic constipation?

In addition to a high-fibre diet and sufficient daily hydration, OptiFibre® is an indisputable ally to help relieve constipation in a natural way. OptiFibre® contains dietary fibre that works by increasing the frequency of passing stool and gradually rebalancing gut flora. Available in a box or as sticks, this Food for Special Medical Purposes can be easily mixed into your meals and drinks without affecting their taste or texture.

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